Importance of Tree Cutting to Singapore's Garden City Image

Singapore being a tropical rainforest, located on the equator, exhibits diverse characteristics such as 82% of humidity in air, 167 days of plentiful rain, and 2022 hours of sunshine over a year on average. According to CNN travel, in this small lion city, with a size of 721.5 square kilometers and a 100% urbanized population, it remains the greenest city in Asia and one of the few around the world. Be among the one of the best few, greenest cities in the world, tree cutting services in Singapore remain very popular yet a vital necessity for its landscaping.

This beautiful garden city image does not just happen overnight but “Garden City” vision was introduced by our former Prime Minister Late Lee Kuan Yew on 11 May 1967. Since then he has dedicated his whole life to transform Singapore into today’s abundant lush greenery and a clean green metropolitan city of the 21st century. In order to transform Singapore into this beautiful garden city, free of litter and full of trees, an intensive tree-planting program was initiated by yearly tree planting movements, hence by the end of 1970, more than 55,000 trees were planted.

These movements were continued, not just by the government but the students, grassroots leaders and residents from all over the country participated in tree planting movements. Hence, many more tree planting policies were introduced whereby encouraging government agencies such as Housing and Development Board (HDB) for building houses, Jurong Town Corporation (JTC), private housing estate developers as well as roads and carparks contractors were abiding to set aside certain spaces for trees, greenery, gardens and parks in their projects.

Then came the task for our landscaping and tree pruning service companies who maintained all the trees around Singapore to ensure they stay in good shape and well-maintained condition to keep up with all those years of effort resulted in today’s Singapore’s Garden City Image up to standards.

Importance of Tree Cutting

The importance of tree cutting can be seen in our daily life when we often spot our landscaping services representatives along the roadside, not to mention even blocking the road traffic, just to provide us with a safer, cleaner and more beautiful landscape. One of our trusted local brands is Ken Landscape who have been providing Singaporeans tree cutting and landscaping services for years. For instance, there are a few scenarios when we appreciate the importance of tree cutting in Singapore’s Garden City image.

1) While driving on the expressway if the driver is unable to see the road sign on the side of the road blocked by the hanging trees’ branches, then he or she ends up missing the exit and it becomes quite troublesome.

2) On rainy days, often wind is quite strong and if the tees are not well maintained frequently, they might fall on the pedestrians passing by or cars driving underneath.

3) Many roadside plants are cut to a standard length in order to keep them at a certain level where they will exactly the same size in order to keep the beautiful look which you often see while entering or exiting just outside Changi Airport.

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Now let's look at are some of the landscaping and tree pruning services in Singapore provided by Ken Landscape:

tree pruning services in Singapore

  • Arborist Services:  includes tree assessment, analysis, and recommendation for the best-fit pruning, pollarding or removal of trees services.
  • Pruning: Fast-growing trees need extra care and monitoring to keep check for dead tree branches, damaged or diseased branches that are about to fall.
  • Pollarding: is a process where the upper branches of the trees are removed to reduce the tree size and make it look neat and not messy.
  • Horticultural Removal Practices: include targeted removal of tree parts such as dead, damaged, diseased, non-productive, structurally unsound or unwanted tissues.

tree cutting services in Singapore

Finally, to stay ahead of the competition, to be number one clean and green city, to promote sustainable lifestyle and to build a safe, healthy, futuristic environment for our next generations, indeed we cannot deny the fact that it is vital to keep up with the tree cutting services in Singapore to maintain Singapore’s Garden City image. Therefore, let’s keep up with our Late Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew’s dream for this metropolitan city by planting more trees, maintaining existing ones and encouraging all residents to play their part to live up to his dreams of a happy, healthy and successful nation.

As a famous saying is “People are happiest when they are on holidays, with friends or connected most to nature”.

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